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Long shot?
Post by charvbroiled73 on Jan 17th, 2016, 1:04pm

I know this may be a long shot... Long story short, I lost my job a while back and had to sell my beloved SLO to cover a few car payments. I have a '92 VHT Pittbull that I'm wanting to trade for a Hot Rod 100+. I actually love the Pittbull, but I desperately miss MY sound, which is Soldano, since I had been playing Soldano for 14+ years. I also own a VHT Deliverance, so I'll still have that sound if need be. I would also consider an HR 50+, but there's a cost differential of $200-$500, depending on condition. All I would ask is that shipping be covered to cover that cost differential. Otherwise, mutual shipping paid for an even trade. The VHT is in excellent condition. The original logo was replaced by a Fryette logo by a previous owner. It does have a modern VHT logo, & I would include the Fryette logo as well. Also has upgraded, massive Mercury Magnetics tranny so that amp could be biased for KT88s. Low hours on SED EL34s, and JJs in the preamp. Includes 4 button foot switch (FX, boost, channel, lead) and cable modded to detach. Pics available by request. Thanks!