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Mojo Tone BV-30V 16ohm FS (12 inch speaker)
Post by TyReid on Feb 8th, 2004, 8:43pm

Was two but just sold one so I had to edit the post!

One Mojo Tone British Vintage 12 inch speaker available for sale. 16ohm, 60 watt power handling.

Vintage Marshall / Celestion style tone. Serious vintage Greenback with a "broken in" v30 tonal vibe. Tons of chime in clean and blues settings and plenty of drive and a great chewy feel in rock and lead guitar applications. Abolutely KILLER for vintage blues and classic rock stylings (Clapton, Page, Hendrix, and Blues styled work) as well as more modern tones (again just like how a Greenback or V30 covers a lot of tonal ground).

More and better defined lows, smoother highs (the bite you want in this style of speaker without overdoing it) and much better efficeincy and prefered by all many boutique for these reasons. Works equally well in closed and open back cabs.

Speaker is in EXCELLENT condition *cosmetically* (no marks, like new) and *structurally*. Just a few months light to medium volume studio use ONLY (not gigged).

From Mojo these sell for $85 *plus* shipping.

From me: $70 *out the door* (UPS shipping/paypal fees included) well packed and padded and insured.

Will accept Paypal or money orders. Email me at