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SLO-100 Effects Level Loop NOW AVAILABLE !!!
Post by JLB on Oct 20th, 2017, 10:43pm

It's official.

I spoke at length today with my bud Mike Soldano about the idea I had of making the Hot Rod 25, Post Master Volume, Effects Level, tube buffered loop a pre production OR post production option on the SLO-100 versus it being a seldom used one off mod. What he envisions is the following:

1. Post tone stack and master volume location, versus the standard +4db line level loop placed before the tone stack and Master Volume.

2. Individual Master Volumes will be the SEND control for the loop.

3. Original SLAVE OUT control on back chassis will change to an internal NON ADJUSTABLE SLAVE OUT while the original SLAVE OUT control will now become the loop EFFECTS RETURN control.

4. This loop requires a lot of work according to Mike but is much easier to install on an initial build versus an add on post build.

5. $350.00 up charge for the pre production amp and $450.00 up charge for any post built amp.

Labor costs and you get what you pay for. Sure there are plenty of other guys that can do this, but having Mike do it not only keeps your warranty in place, but it's also done by Da Man himself. Win win for everyone.

For me, I love the +4db line level loop and have no interest in this loop, but I've had many many phone calls and emails complaining about the loop not taking XYZ pedals. Now you have it.

Let us know here at Blues City Music and we will be glad to handle it for you with your next new amp.

Turn It Up !!!

Lynn Burke
BCM Owner