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You wanted it, YOU GOT IT. SLO Effects Level Loop
Post by JLB on Jul 28th, 2017, 4:46pm

How do,

LB here, Blues City Music owner. I spent 2 days this week with my good friend Mike Soldano. As always we had a fabulous time hanging out and talking amps, cars, and anything else we could think of. I also asked him about an option for the SLO.

The original loop for the SLO which was installed on amps 88100 and forward, has been a studio grade, line level +4db loop located in between the pre amp and power section of the amp. I told Mike that many MANY guys were very interested in the SLO but run a host of -10db effects level pedals. Could we do a post master volume loop that is EFFECTS LEVEL. He said, you know I think I can. Do what? I never thought Mikey would go for it, but guys he is in a fabulous mood these days and knows he has customers dying for his amp with the correct loop.

As of right now, Mike is coming up with the design and costs to see how to proceed, but I truly think it is a go. I'll let you guys know what he comes up with, but I've also asked him since it was MY IDEA, that I get an exclusive on it for a while.

You want it, it's coming. SLO-100 with an effects level loop.

NOW, NO MORE COMPLAINING. He's going to try and build it, you guys need to buy it. No need to ask John Suhr whom is Mike's buddy too, to build a loop on the SLO. NO ONE knows this amp better than Mike, plus this will be a factory build not a warranty busting add on from someone else. Contact me via my social media or message me right off my website or cell for any questions or updates as I don't come here all that often. Thanks..


Re: You wanted it, YOU GOT IT. SLO Effects Level
Post by donnyboiler on Aug 16th, 2017, 07:34am

If this happens you can put me down for one. UK based and 230V though.
Re: You wanted it, YOU GOT IT. SLO Effects Level
Post by JLB on Aug 16th, 2017, 2:40pm

Mike confirms it WILL BE a POST master volume effects loop similar to the Hot Rod 25 bu should have a send control. No need for the return control, you can accomplish all you need for volume parity with just the send.

Waiting for final approval.