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SLO retune, again
Post by JLH59 on Feb 14th, 2017, 5:10pm

So, I have read a lot of good stuff about the tung sol 7581's for a Soldano SLO
Does anyone have any advise or input or experience in using Tung Sol 7581's in a SLO and what are simply the best tubes to install in a Soldano SLO.
I am sure this has been discussed before, however the 7581's are I believe kinda new.
Please advise

Re: SLO retune, again
Post by MrYou on Feb 16th, 2017, 8:38pm

I'm not familiar with the 7581s so I did some Google'ing...

I came across this comparison in an SLO-100.

The Sovtek 5881s sound better to my ears. The 5881s seem to have a more flat EQ (which I prefer) compared to the 7581s.

I guess if you have Depth mod envy and don't want to mod the amp then maybe this is a potential solution?
Re: SLO retune, again
Post by JLB on Feb 24th, 2017, 2:26pm

SLO idle plate voltage is 505 volts. Most tubes today are toast after 480 plate volts and hard use. JJ's are gone quickly when pushed hard past 480. I smoked 3 quads one year.

5881's are rated at 350 plate volts with a 100% overload to 700 plate volts. Hope these 7581's work out, just tossing this out there.

Re: SLO retune, again
Post by JLH59 on Mar 7th, 2017, 6:53pm

I went with Ruby 6L6's, They sound amazing, I hope they hold up