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New Soldano amp! Clean pedal platform!
Post by nevismusic on Oct 3rd, 2016, 10:54am

Want a clean amp pedal platform? Need a truly great clean sound for any genre of music? And you want it in an easy grab and go package? Soldano has you covered!

I dropped by Soldano Custom Amplification last Friday and got to see and hear their brand new amplifier! It's a completely clean, straight forward design particularly for those looking for a pedal platform, or just a truly great clean tube tone. It's called the Little Luck.

The Little Luck is a 50 watt head based on the Lucky 13, but is a single channel clean sound only design. If you're familiar with the Lucky 13 clean channel, the Little Luck is similar with a very rich black face Fender Bassman based tone.

Simply put the huge 3D cleans were gorgeous, lots of harmonic content and swirl to the notes, really vintage sounding. Ideal for blues, classic rock, country, and of course anything else you wanted to play through it. Deep bass, warm mids, and soft yet sparkling highs.

Soldano said the amps will be available through dealers and Soldano's website very soon! They already have at least a couple dozen circuit boards complete and awaiting installation and the Little Luck, handmade in Seattle, WA, should be for sale for under $1500.

Pictures and the story of how the amp was inspired here:
Re: New Soldano amp! Clean pedal platform!
Post by JLB on Dec 15th, 2016, 11:53pm

Mikey is only selling this amp direct to keep cost down unless you have some kind of deal going. I developed the 44 but chose to make it available to everyone.