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Hot Rod 50 Loop Mod
Post by NettoCPS on Aug 16th, 2016, 08:14am

Hy guys, my first post here.

I already aware that Soldano loops runs at +4dbu plus designed for rack gear, need line level shifters for pedals and etc.

The solution I found for that is I bought all the pedals that go trought the loop from Strymon, they all handle up to +8dbu so no volume drops whatsoever.

But i see the looop comes before the tone shaping controls. I see a lot of people say that messes up with delays.

I have the El Capistan, and I see that I canŽt "hear it" very well when engaged, even with the 3db boost it has, I definitly see the volume jump but the delay is very subtle.

IŽve heard some guys that moved the loop with a mod and even did some other mods like the Depth switch or something like that.

I absolutly love the tone of the Hot Rod 50 on the high gain channel, dont want to mess with that, it sounds great even with de pedals on the loop, chorus and reverb works fine.

But I find the delay shy, and I read a lot about this have to be because of the loop place in the tone stack of the amp.

Does anyone have the schematic for this mod to be done, to move the loop just before the poweramp, as a series loop no need for a parallel one.

I live in Brazil and have a few techs that can do the mod but I want the right schematics for it so it does not mess with the amp tone.

Can someone share both the mods for the Depth and Loop placement for the HOT ROD 50 not the HOT ROD 50+, the first one.

IŽll appreciate that very much.

Thanks very much
Re: Hot Rod 50 Loop Mod
Post by NettoCPS on Aug 26th, 2016, 11:20pm

Can somebody help out with the loop move schematics?

I did it already installed a new tune to bring the level. Back up. And now have a "" master level" right beside the inputs
A. Preamp. For the loop was. Added.