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Soldano X99, SM100R & 4x12 (X12000) for sale
Post by Mattmo on Apr 15th, 2016, 12:31am

Greetings gear heads! Time for me to step down to a small amp and let this go. I have a full blown top of the line Soldano rig for sale! As you know these rarely come available since so few were made and no doubt time has taken a few.

One exceptionally clean SM100R for sale with purple face. I'm the third owner (2nd owner never used it and it sat in storage). If I recall correctly there were only 100 of these made as you probably already know (or if I'm wrong please feel free to correct me). Having played other power amps I can say nothing makes your Soldano preamp sound better! USA voltages. Asking price is $3,500.

I also have an exceptional clean X99 preamp with purple face. Again, I think only 200 of these were made. These are amazing and Mike can even do tweaks to shape them a bit although they are amazing as is. USA voltages. Asking price is also $2,800.

Last I have an original boa tolex 4x12 that is in good condition. It's been banged about a bit as the tolex and grill will show but not excessively. Nicely worn! It has the original Eminence X12000 speakers that are no longer made and they are in excellent condition. Asking price is $700.

Please feel free to ping me and with an email if interested and I'll be happy to send photo's. I'll be posting on various forums to sell so don't snooze! Thanks for looking.
Re: Soldano X99, SM100R & 4x12 (X12000) for sale
Post by Steve560 on Apr 15th, 2016, 09:49am

Hi Mattmo,

I'm interested in the Soldano power amp, since I already have the X99 preamp. Could you please send a picture of the power amp. I'm located in Germany but this wouldn't be a problem, because the amp would be shipped to Soldano to change the voltage.

nice regards