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HR50Plus tube help
Post by JLH59 on Jul 13th, 2016, 4:59pm

I just bought a Hot Rod 50 Plus from guitar center (used) it came with JJ 6L6 bc's in it, I want to go back to 5881's
what bias / how to bias this amp for the 5881's
what numbers am I looking for % and does anyone have experience with the 50 + and power tubes
6L6 vs 5881's
I am looking at putting the new reissue Tung Sol in it
Please Help
Re: HR50Plus tube help
Post by ryanmichael95 on Jul 15th, 2016, 9:39pm

I have a 50 plus. Such a great amp you have there. I have gone back to the Sovetk 5881's. Very reliable and they sound pretty good. I would bias no more than 70% of plate dissipation. Figure 25 watts for Sovetek 5881's. So, with the average plate voltages Soldano amps run at, anywhere around 25-35 ma will get you in the ballpark for a good sound. This is of course my opinion and your mileage may vary. The power sections on Soldano amps were designed to run clean and have most of the overdrive come from the preamp section. But, with that said I like a little warmer bias than set by Mike and Co.
Re: HR50Plus tube help
Post by JB6464 on Jul 21st, 2016, 6:45pm

My SLO or HR+ amps came from the factory set around 23 ma .
That being said i prefer them at 30ma with 5881's which takes some of the stiffness out of the amp .
Sovtek 5881's are a 23w power tube , which is not quite as powerful as the standard 25w 6L6 .