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Soldano loop
Post by gibsonmad on Mar 3rd, 2016, 10:21am

Hi to everyone, I use my hotrod with gmajor2 and I have 2 level patch 1 for rhythmic and 1 for solos and it's perfect!

I use soldano only for official live not for the session with the band, I don't want get with me the rack for the jam.

Which pedal can I use to grow the volume for solos ?

I need a pedal that not change the sound !


PS: with boss ls2 in the loop can I use a normal clean boost like MXR401 cae ??
Re: Soldano loop
Post by lynchfan6 on Mar 3rd, 2016, 8:15pm

Awesome,,,I use a Gmajor 2 in the loop of my SLO live, and it works flawlessly. Believe it or not, although the Soldano loop is supposedly not pedal friendly, my Morley Lil Alligator volume pedal works beautifully in the SLO loop for volume tweaking with no tone loss I can detect. Give that a try if you are leaving the gmajor home,,,the pedal is not very expensive. I've only used it this way around the house, but seems to work great.
Re: Soldano loop
Post by npeter on Mar 18th, 2016, 03:00am

Ernie Balls volume pedals work fine also,
be sure to put it before G-Major if you want delay tails.

Re: Soldano loop
Post by cneidlinger on Aug 3rd, 2016, 2:59pm

Hey guys...I'm new to the Soldano family and have a few questions...First, I just inherited a SLO 100 and I am very stoked! Now I have been playing for years,but really don't know much about the technical side of things when it comes to gear,just dialing in my tone till I hear what I currently have a POD XT LIVE that I was going to use with my Soldano,however i am catching the drift that maybe it will not work so well with my Soldano head...I have heard that the effects loop is less than desirable on the Soldano and you have to be careful what to use...I keep hearing that the Gmajor is the way to go...which I am going to purchase but for now,what about my POD? Also,I am looking for a 4x12 cab,that will accent the head well...I will be purchasing that used.So i am looking for advice on that as well...I play alot of metal and guitar instrumentals in the style of Vai and Satch as far as my musical style goes if that helps...Thanks for the help!
Re: Soldano loop
Post by lynchfan6 on Aug 4th, 2016, 08:56am

Congrats on the SLO,,,,I've been absolutely loving my SLO since 2005 and have never desired another amp since. I wouldn't call the SLO loop less than desirable, as it has always worked amazingly with my Gmajor and now Gmajor 2. The only issue is that whatever goes in there needs to be at line level. You have to check the technical specs of the POD to see if it can be set to line level in and out. As for cabs, well, I use an old 2.12 ADA split stack cab for smaller, indoor gigs, and a Marshall 1960A 4x12 for our outdoor shows and larger venues. In both cabs, I use the Soldano approved Eminence V12's. A great speaker that really goes with the SLO. So, rather than what cab, I think the thing is to find which speaker. Also, look around on this site to get the EVH SLO settings to try........LEAD CHANNEL...gain around 7/8, bass at around 8, treble about 4, and mids at about 3.
Re: Soldano loop
Post by cneidlinger on Aug 4th, 2016, 11:01am

Lynchfan6....thank you...very helpful! And yes,i think what i really meant was the speakers...wasn't sure what cabs came with what...I know that I have always liked the V 30s.....I'll check out what you said...thanks again!
Re: Soldano loop
Post by RMS on Dec 23rd, 2016, 9:35pm

Well, I'd say there are some issues with the loop in the SLO. One is that it definitely needs line level units, and that really have to be able to handle that hot signal. I've used some older rack units that are nominally line level that get overdriven in the SLO loop.

The other issue is that you have to set patch changes up to change with channel changes. The loop is situated before the master volume controls, so the OD channel will be much high level than the clean channel. If you have a delay set up in the loop and switch from clean to OD, you'll get a massive spike in volume for the repeats, or similarly the tail of reverb. For this reason, you don't want a delay with spill over.

After several years of playing my "small" Boogies, I've just fired up the SLO this week and really been into it. In fact, I just purchased a Rocktron Velocity 300 power amp. I'm going to skip the loop and try running out the SLO's DI, through loops, into the power amp and into a space 4x12. I'm anxious to try that. I'll report back after I give it a shot.
Re: Soldano loop
Post by rdodson on Apr 29th, 2017, 3:47pm

X3 Live with the line pads switched in can totally handle the SLO loop. Sounds great.
Re: Soldano loop
Post by JLB on Jul 12th, 2017, 12:22am

Actually, I think the +4db effects loop in the SLO is the FINEST loop ever made, but that's because I personally don't run G Major's etc., or effects level pedals EVER in the loop. Just me but I have no use for those. I only run line level.

Just curious, but don't you guys ever run plug and play? I run all modulation when used through the guitar input other than a Flashback original delay (at times), and my Surf Box sparingly in the loop. 90% of the time the loop is bypassed. I just dig the tone this way. Raw and in your face.

Keep rocking.

Re: Soldano loop
Post by lynchfan6 on Jul 12th, 2017, 8:27pm

I only use the TC Gmajor 2 with my gigging band. I use it for some minor delays, to change channels on the SLO with its relays, some minor chorusing on occasion. I had a Gmajor 1 before it, and honestly, I never had to do anything to make it work flawlessly with my SLO. It is a line level unit, and has never been a issue to use it seemlessly , and so I don't understand what problems some people works wonderfully. I can't say enough about how well it works in the loop if you are in a situation where you need a multi effects unit for some different sounds in a gigging top 40/classic rock/heavy rock band with a lot of variety. No complaints in the ten years I've been gigging my SLO with a Gmajor......never a glitch or a flaw yet.
Re: Soldano loop
Post by gibsonmad on Jul 13th, 2017, 09:34am

The true problem is if you want use Soldano in a band with 2 guitar, for solos to increment volume is a problem.

You can bypass ambient or modulation effect but if you want to play solo part with another guitar player you need a volume Boost!

Gmajor2 and gmajor are excellent machine for effect and you can set volume for each patch for solos.

Now I found that another machine is excellent with the loop of my hot rod plus ..NOVA System, compact multifx.

With Nova system have a nice booster (max set +10db) or you can use a compressor effect built in.

Alternative I can use my hot rod plus as a single channel:
- normal channel for crunch rhythm part
- LEAD channel for solos
- CLEAN turn down pot of guitar in normal channel!

Re: Soldano loop
Post by MrYou on Aug 7th, 2017, 10:31pm

I really like the stock effects loop in the SLO. I admit I haven't played other amps in years (I have no desire, THANK GOD), but the loops in comparable amps from other manufacturers seemed to lower the dynamic range or sensitivity.

With the SLO's loop I can't really detect any difference when paired with a line capable (+4dB) 24-bit effects with +100dB dynamic range.

Playing has taken a bit of a back burner for me, but I'm planning on always using the SLO-100 (and possibly a Hot Rod 25) in a Crunch+Overdrive dual channel setting combined with a 4-cable method multi-effect. For cleans I'll create a preset that bypasses the amps frontend going directly into effects return. The multi-effect will act as a rig "control center".

At some point I'll probably get the Line6 Helix LT. Its guitarist friendly interface and versatility are very appealing. I can only see me using a traditional pedal board in situations with very little effects. I've used a G-Major and Nova System. IMO, multi-effects are the one piece of gear that are worthy of upgrading every so many years.