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Mar 23rd, 2018, 7:31pm

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xx Current events at Soldano Custom Amplification
« Thread started on: Oct 4th, 2017, 12:38am »

Hello from Memphis. Hope you guys are well.

As usual, Mike Soldano and I have a long conversation on a weekly or bi-weekly basis catching up on a lot of things, but today it was about where he was headed with Soldano now that he's in his 60's. I'm 57 so I get it for sure.

1. He is going to terminate some items in his amp line that haven't been selling that great but would require a lot of capital to repurchase a min order of 50 for most of the chassis, circuit boards, and trannys, etc.

Astroverb, Lucky 13 100, Hot Rod 100+, and Decatone are about done. He'd also like to scale back the Avenger line as he has 4 different models out there right now. I suggested a limited edition run of what he has left, then may just make the 50/100 watt versions with a loop at that's it.

2. Soldano 44 has a way cool option now. This will replace the Astroverb no doubt. He can put in Hot Rod 25 trannys to make it a 25 watt amp instead of a 20 watt Astro or 50 44. It would have that cool M sound Brown Sound going on big time with it just being the Crunch circuit of the SLO. Price will be the same but this would give some options for those not needing 50 watts.

3. He's hoping to rebrand the Lil Luck amp which he is selling Direct, no dealers. It is the 50 watt version of the Lucky 13 but straight up simple and $1,489 direct. This is the BEST pedal board amp you will find. Big clean channel but with a master volume.

4. GTO Supercharge will still be available and Direct as well.

5. SLO LOOP. Looks like it will be a $300 option to have the Hot Rod 25 Post Master Volume effects level loop installed. The SLAVE will be removed on back, and a RETURN LEVEL CONTROL for the loop will be installed. If you just want to run the SLO as a power amp, you can. Plug into the RETURN
of the loop and use the RETURN LEVEL CONTROL as a master volume.

Remember, no additional SEND is needed to be installed as the channel master volumes on the amp itself will take care of that for you.

Any question, hit me up.

Thanks. Hope this helps.

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