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Speaker Change In ClosedBack 2x12 Hot Rod 50+ Head
Post by admakeitworthit on May 12th, 2014, 07:50am

Hey everyone, I am new here to the Soldano forum and have just recently purchased a Hot Rod 50+ upgrading from a Jet City JCA50H. I am currently running a Les Paul Junior with no effects pedals at all into my amp. I have a WhiteBox 2x12 Closed Back cabinet with 2 Legend V1216s inside. I am pretty happy with the tone I am getting (went with these as they were the stock speakers in Soldano cabs) but am still not THRILLED if you know what I mean. I feel they can still be a little shrill in the top end and don't have the think punch I am really looking for.

My settings at this time are: Preamp 4 Bass 5 Middle 4or5 Treble 4or5 Master 3 (most I can crank at home) Presence 3 and Depth 4

I have done heaps of research on different speakers to replace these and have tried Vintage 30s and dislike them for different reasons from the V12s - still doesn't hit the spot and very mid spikey - it gets super muddy in the midrange and too spikey I'm dialling back rather than dialling in and I wanna make this amp sing damnit haha.

The options I was looking at are as follows:

Eminence Texas Heat 16 - Love how smooth these sound but most demos I hear of them they sound like there is a blanket on top of them - I hope the brightness of the Soldano would compensate this and make it a great match.

Celestion Heritage G12-65 - This seems to tailor off some of that scratchy spikey sound of the Vintage 30 but am still hesitant as it seems to have a helluva lot of midrange still and I think that may send the Soldano into a world of mud with how much midrange the amp has already (I'd rather the amps midrange than the speakers - I bought a Soldano for a reason) haha.

WGS ET65 - Very similar appeal to the Celestion here (it's apparently the upgraded version of the G12-65).

Any other opinions would be great and am very much open to suggestions. I play in a pop punk band but we are very concerned with getting the best sound possible - not into this scoop the mids thing everyone in the genre is doing at the moment - I want thick smooth and punchy rhythm guitar tone.

Thanks in advance!

Re: Speaker Change In ClosedBack 2x12 Hot Rod 50+
Post by JLB on May 18th, 2014, 5:54pm


I get calls all the time about going back to the Eminence V12 Legend speaker cabinets after a vicious full circle tour trying every other speaker known to man. All of my customers have come back to the V12 Legend. They just work.

I wouldn't be so fast in dumping the V12's. Give your ears time to dial in this amp, put knobs where YOU like them, and then rock it. I'd kill the depth unless you have a specific song you need to cover or the room you are playing in is too bright. I'd DEFINITELY go 7 on the presence. You're missing a lot of attack sitting on 3.

Hope this helps.

Re: Speaker Change In ClosedBack 2x12 Hot Rod 50+
Post by admakeitworthit on May 18th, 2014, 6:44pm

Thanks so much for the reply!

I have tried the V12s again - I do play a Les Paul Junior and the pickup in it is VERY VERY bright. It does need to be tamed. It is to the point that even micing in the studio is a bit too much in the top end sizzle that it is just piercing. I have tried bringing up the presence as you just requested and it did round it out a lot more - had a fuller upper mid section. And the depth drop did help with clarity but i was finding myself compensating that with the bass knob anyway and things starting getting TOO bottom heavy.

I have ordered a couple of WGS G12C/S to try - Having heard some of the clips I think they will be what I am after sonically - but then again I may be a guy that just as you have said messages you here and is like "yeah I'm going back to V12s" haha.

My aim is to have one british voiced cab and one american voiced cab. Having heard now a few demos with the Texas Heats it is definitely more the sound I am after and the WGS I bought sound similar in my opinion but are a little less "metal" sounding - I use that term VERY loosely haha.

Will post back what I think of the new speakers. FWIW I use a Palmer PDI-09 live and due to unsuccessful micing of both a V30 and the V12 in the studio even considering using it for studio use :/ I know that is basically blasphemy but I do REALLY love the sound.

Will post some links with comparisons when the new speakers arrive.

Thanks for all your advice - I will spend some more time dialling in the Legend to see if it helps.

Re: Speaker Change In ClosedBack 2x12 Hot Rod 50+
Post by admakeitworthit on Jun 10th, 2014, 08:31am

Hey there,

Just updating - I tried the WGS G12C/S to no avail. Was not happy with what they did to the amp and the shrill highs were still very present. Would be great to tame a Fender amp etc. but not the right match for the Hot Rod 50+.

I then went on a final whim to try the Eminence Texas Heats. If these didn't work I was just going to suck it up and go back to the Legends - everything was pretty pricey here. Not to much surprise - seeing as I did some extensive research - the Texas Heats were the absolute perfect match for my head. They are so smooth and punchy - no coarse or brittle sounds whatsoever. I can now utilise my Treble and Presence knobs past 3 and 4 and have found no lack in bass response in comparison to the Eminence V12s.

Now I am not going to say that these are the PERFECT speaker for everyone as I am sure others may disagree - but, for me this was a match made in heaven and I personally can say I have found the tone I have been looking for with this match.

If you have a chance, please try these speakers out! I believe they are an amazing compliment to such amazing amps!
Re: Speaker Change In ClosedBack 2x12 Hot Rod 50+
Post by ryanmichael95 on Jul 3rd, 2014, 04:46am

Awesome that you figured it out. It's amazing how much speakers can make a difference. I have a couple of WGS ET65's........kick ass speakers.
Re: Speaker Change In ClosedBack 2x12 Hot Rod 50+
Post by alerich on Oct 18th, 2014, 12:27pm

I have an old Hot Rod 50 and play it through a Soldano 4x12 with Celestion G12H30 70th speakers. Closest thing to a religious experience I get these days being the heathen that I am.