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TITAN Custom amps
Post by AngryGoldfish on Jun 30th, 2010, 2:56pm

As you can clearly see, the SLO100 strongly influenced the aesthetics and layout of Zach's flagship Titan Custom. But apparently and I can see what they're saying they don't sound as alike as you'd imagine.

The designer, Zach, mentions that the inspiration behind the overall tone and vibe, was a tightness akin to VHT/Fryette, of which some of you may be aware of, but without it's overly-dry nature, combined with Soldano / Mesa Boogie "wetness" - And I think the outcome is outstanding.

The prices are amazing, too. It's just such a shame he doesn't have any European dealers, as by the time you add taxes and shipped fees you could buy second-hand Decatone or a Diezel Einstein and 2x12.

It's awesome to see Soldano being such an inspiration on others generations of amp construction! grin
Re: TITAN Custom amps
Post by 05Softail on Jul 1st, 2010, 08:36am

I can see an SLO chassis face, the tone seems a bit diff. Nothing wrong with a variety of tones.

Have you listened to a Cameron? Not the Cameron modded amps but his production line. Giggity.... The NAMM show was good to them.

I like the modded Marshall tone but the SLO seems to have some of that and a little more. I will probably eventually get around to seeing what boosts go well with the SLO. Right now the best boost for my SLO is to crank that bitch up!! Volume to 5 is all the boost it needs cool

Re: TITAN Custom amps
Post by AngryGoldfish on Jul 1st, 2010, 11:29am


Yeah, the SLO is very tempting when cranked.

I've heard a couple of clips on Rig-Talk from Cameron fans and owners. They have HUGE amounts of gain, just like the Titan. They have very similar qualities regards sound and features, but the Titan is quite a bit cheaper, methinks.
Re: TITAN Custom amps
Post by billm408 on Nov 22nd, 2010, 4:04pm

I've got a Titan and, while it shares similar chassis design and function with the SLO (Clean/Crunch & OD channels), tonally it's a completely different amp. It's got a more modern gain structure and less clarity than a SLO. Think JCM800 with a dirt pedal in front.

Killer amps and a great value!
Re: TITAN Custom amps
Post by JLB on Nov 24th, 2010, 12:08am

Zach is a very nice guy. He approached me in August 2009 about coming on as an official dealer for him. Obviously, this was amidst a lousy economy and I opted out until it got better, but he makes a very nice amp. No doubt his customer service is great. He is passionate about his products and it shows. Well done. Wish we had more builders like him.

The one he wanted me to hear was a 200 watt amp, but I really don't know where anyone could play that or a Marshall Major.

Tell him hello from BCM if you see him.

Thanks and good luck to Titan.