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5150 Cabs
Post by doczox on Dec 17th, 2016, 7:55pm

I've got an opportunity to get a used Peavy 5150 slant cab for $260. It looks in good shape, it's been used but nothing is obviously bashed-in or anything. I'm going back to play it next week, see how it sounds.

My current and only 4x12 is an Orange straight cab, and it's very heavy (over 100lbs) and a bit too nice to gig with. (Something about that fancy basketweave grill and orange tolex, it's mint and I don't want to mess it up)

So, I guess this would be a "beater" but I want it to sound good. I also want to try a slant cab, I'm thinking I'll like the greater dispersion and having a couple speakers pointed at me.

For heads I'll be using it with my Orange AD-140, Marshall 2204 and my soon-to-be-acquired Soldano Avenger.

Can anyone tell me generic stuff about these cabs - what to look for, what to avoid, or whether it's not worth getting at all. It looks pretty well built, but definitely feels lighter & smaller than my Orange.

The owner is willing to unscrew it so I can see the construction. I'm assuming it's an all-ply cab. I could not ID the speakers through the grill (I'm not a speaker wizard).

Thanks in advance.
Re: 5150 Cabs
Post by Jakezor on Dec 23rd, 2016, 11:30am

Stock the 5150 cabs come with Peavey's Sheffield 12xx series speakers. They're ok, I swapped mine for a WGS Retro 30 in my 6505+ combo though, I liked the sound better.

Peavey stuff should be built like a brick shithouse though, and that might be a solid inexpensive cabinet choice to swap speakers in that you do like.