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Mar 23rd, 2018, 7:22pm

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exclamation Mesa 412 vs Marshall 412 Comparison
« Thread started on: May 21st, 2015, 09:31am »

The other day I decided to conduct an experiment. I realized I had enough speakers on hand to load both my Recto Std 412 Slant and Marshall VM425A 412 Slant with similar speakers to closer hear the differences of the oversized and standard cabinet dimensions.

The Mesa had 4 V30s, I removed two and replaced them with two G12H-30th Anniversary yeilding 180 watt cabinet. The Marshall Vintage Modified 425A had G12C (a greenback variant) I removed all four and replaced them with two WGS Veteran 30s, one Scumback H75 and one H55 yeilding a 180 watt cabinet.
**Both cabs have similar speakers loaded in vertical columns i.e. V30s right, G12H left. H-30s wired in parallel off of V30s. Stereo operation yields Top 2 and bottom 2 operation instead of left and right.

For my comparison I used the Soldano Decatone and a handfull of boost, overdrive and distortion pedals on the clean channel for the sake of tinkering. Keeping in mind the marshall has "replica" or clone speakers, and one Bass cone H55 speaker the two handled and sounded extremely similar. The Recto cabinet was a touch louder and more 3D in its sound. It offered more projection as well as a fuller resonance,and top end chime. The Marshall sounded like, well a smaller cab. It was a touch quieter and more concise, not having the added range or projection of the Mesa. Both sounded fantastic and I have a hard time choosing which, if either, I actualy prefer.

In short, my thought is that if your playing a big room and need to fill it and hit the back wall, the mesa std recto cab is the only choice, but if your playing in tighter venues and dont want to drowned out your band while still getting all of that tube overdrive, the marshall cabs are going to be your best friend.

On a side note, before i started i compared the V30 Std 412 Mesa to the Greenback loaded Marshall and found I loved the attack and aggression of the v30s but the early warm breakup of the greenies really was something beautiful. Going back to the mesa and testing it in stereo, to see which side of v30s i wanted to replace i realized the breakup of two speakers was very pleasing but the whole cab together lost that natural drive. After installing the G12Hs the cab became closer to the amount of natural breakup I like, more like the greenies, but with the bite and tightness of the V30s. Perfection. I can honestly say my Decatone loves V30s and G12Hs mixed
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exclamation Re: Mesa 412 vs Marshall 412 Comparison
« Reply #1 on: Jul 19th, 2015, 08:59am »

I think it all matters on what style of music you want to play and hear.
Mesa 4X12's sound modern to me with a lot of thump with V30"s , C90's or EVM's .
Marshall 4X12's sound more traditional rock and roll to me with greenbacks or 65's .
If you want to talk about thin and small sounding , put a Soldano 4X12 side by side to the two others and you will be floored .
I love Soldano amps but their cabinets don't cut it for me .
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