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Mar 21st, 2018, 3:26pm

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xx Any tremolo fans out there
« Thread started on: Aug 26th, 2009, 11:27am »

I'm a tremolo nut. I'd use it on everything if I could. I am currenty using a Monster Effects Swamp Thang, but I've been through a bunch of 'em. Diaz Tremodillo , Keely & Analogman Modded Boss, Peavey rack mount Valverb, Line 6, just to name a few. I even had a rack mount Custom Audio Electroinics Trem build by Bob Bradshaw. I have never had nor played through the Soldano Surf Box yet. I wish those guys would start making a few again.

I just recently discoverd the new Effectrode Delta-Trem. Looks great and the demos sound very good. I may have to break down and purchase one soon:

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xx Re: Any tremolo fans out there
« Reply #1 on: Aug 28th, 2009, 12:48am »

About 10 years ago I had the Fulltone, Voodoo Lab, and Demeter Tremulator to try for a week. I kept the Demeter and sent the other two back.

The Demeter is fantastic unit, capable of very slow and very fast speeds and sounds very 'natural'. It certainly gives the tremelo in my 1966 Fender Super Reverb a run for the money if not besting it.

I have a Soldano Surf Box which creates gorgeous sounds. But it cost me about 15x more than the Tremulator. It has to major other features: gorgeous reverb and a killer vibrato too......sounds almost like a univibe but a bit different.

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