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Jan 24th, 2018, 01:20am

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xx Re: Bogner xtc question
« Reply #15 on: May 25th, 2008, 4:27pm »

on May 25th, 2008, 4:08pm, TorbjornIsaksen2B wrote:
The XTC has much more options, and is way more "versatile" with a bunch of switching options, boosts, pedalboard, etc....
But, look at it another way. What if you do not need all these "bells and whistles" to get great tone?
The SLO is killer for what it does, a straight forward and simple amp, with just two ch's.
It's a matter of playing style and what you just need to have from an amp.
If you play a set craving a huge array of diff. tones, the XTC might be "it".
If you play blues, rock and metal, and like to have just a pair of simple fx's, and tweak clean tones with your guitar, the SLO is more than enough. IMHO.

Btw, the newer XTC amps might be better on the clean-ch. The XTC101b amp which I used to play years back,
did not do that much for me. Actually I hated the clean ch with it's nasty break-up. Harsh, edgy and SS sounding. Sorry, I really tried to like it during approx one year of playing it. Back and forth, always back again with the SLO....

The SLO is a brigher amp vs the XTC. Thats for sure.
An old Marshall is also a brighter amp vs the XTC.
The brightness of the SLO is easily tweakable. Either with other tubes, or with speakers that will "tame" the brightness. No problems at all.
Within a band context I've found the SLO to be killer for cutting through in the mix. Through the PA, the SLO will have it's own voice. I guess I can't count all the "raves" about the great tone from the SLO after diff gigs. That's a cool thing at the end of the night. wink
At least, the SLO did not slice off any ears. grin



I agree...the SLO is more than enough in terms of what the 2 channels can do, but it could undergo some refinements, so you don't have to match it up with the right speakers... the right tubes... tame the brightness. I bought the amp and had to buy new preamp tubes (which I put in) and new power tubes (JJ6l6gc's) which I've yet to put in. I think the 6l6's would probably make me more satisfied in my mission to tame the high end that it seems the majority of Soldano customers attempt to do at one time or another...Is that what type of tubes (6l6's) you are using? I love the amp ... the cutting power, sheen of the presence/high end that gives it the shimmering quality...but, yes, the high end can be a piercing if you don't have the right ingredients to go along with it...and find it a bit of shame that I have to go and buy these things on top of it.
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xx Re: Bogner xtc question
« Reply #16 on: May 25th, 2008, 6:34pm »

Both amps are great, I just prefer the warmer darker tone of the xtc. The cleans on both amps are good, But over all the xtc an get more differnt cleans sounds and plus the each channel having its own eq is a plus for the xtc favor, but I like both as they both have there unique sound. I shouldnt have said the xtc blows away the slo 100, its just if I had to have one I would pick the xtc.

I am thinking about also getting a custom audio amplification OD 100 Classic + who knows that might blow them both away
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